Our curriculum supports all aspects of the Early Years including Communication and Language; Physical Development; Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Mathematics and Understanding the World as well as the following specific areas:


Nature, observation, warm technology such as using the fruit press, hand milling and churning butter, baking, building with a variety of materials inside and outdoors, play and exploration in the mud and sand pits

Outdoor activities

Gardening including growing and harvesting, weeding and digging; raking, willow work; building shelters; throwing and catching; climbing and balancing


Counting rhymes, weighing and measuring, pattern making, problem solving, matching and sorting


Fairy tales, folk tales, seasonal stories and puppet plays

Artistic activities

Painting, drawing, and modeling
preschool activities
outdoor play
waldorf play
waldorf activites

Domestic activities

Baking bread, biscuits and cakes; peeling and chopping fruit and vegetables; making juice; apple pressing; grinding grain; tidying; washing up; cleaning and sweeping

Creative play

Free exploration and discovery; self initiated physical play inside and outside; building dens; role play; dressing up; imitative play; small world play and storytelling


Sewing, embroidery, weaving, woodwork, felting, paper crafts, seasonal decorations, carding fleece, making kites and threading


Singing, playing simple musical instruments, eurythmy


Skipping, circle and finger games

Our programs

kindergarten program


Our program is designed so that the children under seven are allowed space to develop the necessary skills that will form the foundations for life long learning...

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extended care program


As children enter their 3rd year they display a heightened level of curiosity towards their environment due to cognitive and physical growth.

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extended care program


The four-year-old academic year is critical in the preparation for kindergarten readiness. The goals for pre-kindergarten development address the whole child...

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extended care program


The Junior Kindergarten/Kindergarten class is a great transitional step between preschool and public or elementary schools.

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extended care program

Music and Story Together

We at LPG understand the importance of spending time with your child and what better way than doing music and stories.

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