About Us

Our Philosophy


Our Philosophy

We aspire to build a bridge between Home and School by creating a Safe, Warm, Loving Environment. Our growing programs have been carefully created to support your child through their Early Learning Journey, preparing them with the Confidence, Skills and Ability to Succeed in school and Beyond.

The framework of the curriculum follows a diverse approach to early learning borrowing from the best model programs and making use of the most recent educational research. We strive “to lead a child into success,” even as we “follow the child’s interests” where they may lead us.

Our goal is to inspire and guide every child’s joyous explorations that form the foundations for lifelong learning!

Teaching Methodology

Teaching Model

Our Uniquely Integrated Methodology

At Laurel Play Gardens we the whole child; head , heart & hands providing the best possible beginning for your child to grow to their full potential in a way that protects the wonder and delight of early childhood. Our framework of curriculum is academic research based pedagogy, embracing best educational practices from Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio Emilia

In our Teaching Approach, we:

  • Adopt values of “wonder” and "creativity" emphasized by Rudolf Steiner in Waldorf education
  • Recognize and value foundational work of Dr. Maria Montessori as we introduce and encourage learning with a scientific spirit
  • Foster respect, responsibility and integration among children through self-guided exploration and discovery highlighted in Reggio Emilia philosophy


Our aim is to contribute to the local community through promoting the well-being of children and parents alike.

  • To promote free play which is child-led
  • To protect children’s innate connection to their environment, the natural world
  • To enable children to take healthy and manageable risks
  • To allow opportunity for children to follow their own initiative
  • To engage with other children in an unstructured, unhurried space
  • To give the time & space to awaken their own natural sense of wonder
  • To forge friendships & feel part of a community which supports their important job of parenting
  • To give the opportunity to closely observe their child’s development
  • To aid children with group social skills through gentle guidance in manners, courtesy and developing friendships
  • To encourage children's sense of order, independence and concentration
  • To guide children in having fun and experimenting with art, music, dance and their own physical abilities
  • To share joys and concerns of each child’s development with parents and guardians