Our Core Values

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We Value our Families

We believe that open communication builds a successful bridge between home and school and we encourage and support the inclusion of families in every possible way. Our teaching and administrative teams develop personal connections with each family. We depend on you for insight and information to guide how we can best support your child. You can rely on us to ensure that your family is part of your child’s learning experience!

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We Value Diversity

We’re proud of the diversity of cultures and types of families within our Laurel community. Throughout our program, we provide children with opportunities to develop awareness, acceptance, and appreciation of differences.

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We Value Support

We understand the challenges of raising a family and the difficulty of maintaining a work-life balance. We aim to be as supportive as possible to our families. Hence, we offer flexible schedules, sibling discounts, drop-ins, and the few programs that welcome families supported by the subsidized child care programs.

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We Value Communication

Communication is essential to us. Between our emails outlining activities, monthly newsletters, daily updates via PRE to 3 apps, our comms screen at the front desk, we make sure you have all the information you need to know that your child is in good hands!

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We Value each Child’s Unique Developmental Journey

Throughout the year, we assess each child and discuss the child’s progress towards meeting developmental goals. Educators provide each family stories, examples of writing, art projects, and anecdotes about interactions and experiences in the classroom. We’re always happy to meet with parents to discuss progress and address concerns.

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We Value Openness

We have an open-program, open-door policy. We encourage parents to observe, participate and offer suggestions and ideas for the program. Our administrative team is always available to answer questions or respond to your needs.

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We Value Fun

We plan various social events and opportunities for families to get involved in the program throughout the year. These events offer families a time to meet each other and socialize and meet our staff in a relaxed environment.